About Us

Established in 2020, Aladdin Property Management Services emerged as a radiant gem within the Aladdin Group, inspired by the mesmerizing tale of Aladdin. Our story echoes the spirit of transformation, where traditional real estate management takes flight into realms of endless possibilities.

Guided by the essence of Aladdin, our commitment to excellence reaches far beyond the conventional boundaries of real estate. As a crucial thread in the Aladdin Group’s rich tapestry, we contribute to a narrative that spans diverse industries. Aladdin isn’t just a brand; it’s an odyssey of innovation, offering not just services but an exhilarating journey into the extraordinary.

Step into the enchanted world of Aladdin, where every venture is a blank canvas, awaiting transformation into a masterpiece. Join us on a captivating adventure, where the meaning of Aladdin transcends conventional norms. We’re not merely managing properties; we’re scripting tales of comfort, luxury, and unparalleled experiences.

Aladdin: Unleashing Magic, Crafting Narratives, and Building a Future where each industry is an unexplored realm of boundless possibilities.

Why Aladdin? Because Aladdin is more than a name; it’s an emblem of inspiration and limitless potential. Our foray into diverse industries is an ode to our belief in shattering boundaries, uncovering hidden potentials, and creating stories that defy the ordinary. Aladdin signifies a commitment to innovation, where every industry we venture into becomes a canvas for a new chapter, and each endeavor is a magical continuation of our extraordinary journey.

So, why Aladdin in different industries? Because the essence of Aladdin is not confined to a singular tale; it’s an evolving narrative that transcends industry boundaries. Aladdin: The Magic Persists, Crafting New Stories, and Building a Future where imagination takes flight beyond all constraints.


At Aladdin, we embark on a journey to redefine excellence and leave an indelible positive impact across a myriad of industries. Our commitment to delivering exceptional services is guided by principles of precision, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. We see each endeavor as an opportunity for growth and positive change. As we explore new horizons and sectors, we do so with a vision of contributing meaningfully to the development of communities and society at large. Rooted in a culture of integrity and excellence, our mission extends beyond business success. It is a commitment to creating lasting legacies, fostering positive change, and embodying the highest standards of professionalism.


As a united force under the Aladdin banner, our vision propels us towards becoming a recognized trailblazer renowned for innovation, reliability, and an unyielding commitment to client success. We aspire to diversify our ventures, entering new industries where our positive values shine even brighter. Our vision is not just limited to business success; it encompasses a broader commitment to being a catalyst for positive transformation in the industries we touch. Through our endeavors, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the broader community. Recognized not only for our business achievements but for our unwavering commitment to social responsibility, we envision Aladdin as a driving force behind positive change. Together, we are Aladdin – Uniting Industries, Crafting Excellence, and Building a Positive Legacy that transcends business boundaries.


Bruce Lim


The strategic mind behind our business development endeavors, orchestrates the growth and diversification of the Aladdin. With a comprehensive understanding of industry landscapes, Bruce navigates the dynamic business environment, forging new alliances and driving sustainable expansion. His foresight and expertise pave the way for new opportunities, partnerships, and sustained growth.

Eugene Tan


Eugene Tan, at the helm of Aladdin Properties Management Services, exemplifies a commitment to meticulous property stewardship. His leadership ensures that our real estate portfolio is managed with precision, delivering optimum value for our clients and stakeholders. With an unwavering commitment to precision and excellence, Eugene ensures that every property under our care reflects the highest standards in management and service.

Max Lim


Max Lim, the creative force driving Aladdin Interior Design & Construction Sdn. Bhd., transforms spaces into immersive experiences. With an unwavering dedication to design excellence, Max and his team bring aesthetic visions to life, shaping environments that resonate with style and functionality. His creative leadership and commitment to quality set the stage for the fusion of design innovation and construction excellence.

lvan Ooi


Ivan Ooi spearheads Aladdin Logistics & Transportation Services, orchestrating seamless and reliable movement of goods. His dedication to efficiency ensures that our logistics solutions align with the dynamic needs of our clients. Ensures the seamless movement of goods with efficiency and reliability. Under his guidance, our logistics arm is synonymous with precision and client satisfaction.

Team and Expertise:

Embark on a collaborative journey with our dynamic team, a collective of passionate service professionals fueled by extensive industry knowledge and seasoned managerial acumen. Each team member is not just an expert but an enthusiast, dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of Aladdin company with unwavering zeal.

Our team’s commitment goes beyond the routine; it’s a dedication to the core values that define our identity.

Core Values:

In our team, collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s our foundation. Every team member is a vital part of a collective effort, working seamlessly to achieve common goals. We believe that the synergy of teamwork propels us to greater heights.

Learn, Teach, Grow:
Continuous growth is not just an expectation; it’s a shared journey. Each team member is a learner and a teacher, creating an environment where knowledge flows freely. In our team, every challenge is an opportunity to grow, individually and collectively.

Positive and Optimistic:
Positivity is our mindset. Our team approaches challenges with an optimistic outlook, turning obstacles into opportunities. In a work culture steeped in positivity, we strive to create an atmosphere where every team member feels empowered and inspired.

Professional Innovation:
Innovation is our compass. Every team member is an innovator, contributing fresh ideas and inventive solutions to elevate our services. In our team, we foster a culture where creativity and professionalism intersect, driving continuous improvement.


Integrity is not just a value; it’s our unwavering commitment. Each team member operates with honesty, transparency, and a strong ethical foundation. In our team, integrity is the cornerstone that builds trust with our clients, partners, and the communities we serve. Join us in an enriching journey where our core values—Teamwork, Learn Teach Grow, Positive and Optimistic, Professional Innovation, and Integrity—are not just principles but a way of life for every team member.

Our Ventures

  • Crafting living experiences beyond expectations.
  • Redefining spaces, reimagining lifestyles.
  • Moving the future with precision and reliability.
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